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Mushroom Risotto

The first time I tried this risotto I was skeptical – very skeptical. How could you get mushroom flavor without dried porchinis or without browning the fresh mushrooms? Why does it seem like too much alcohol and not enough stock? I decided to throw caution to the wind and make only quantity changes, rather than […]

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Mussels alla Diavola

I recently went to the allergist to find out exactly what shellfish I had to stay away from, and I got easily some of the best news of my life: I can eat anything but shrimp, lobster and crab. Since I’ve never had anything but shrimp, I’m on a mission to try it all. So […]

Dinner, Italian

The Perfect Sentiment

My little sister just sent an email to the editors of Glamour magazine that I had to share here. What’s the relevance? A  significant contributing factor to the development of my love of food. I just want to share my family’s story about a particular Glamour magazine article, and say thank you for many happy […]

Comfort Food, Dinner, Italian, Sauce

Ricotta Gnocchi with Pea & Bacon Cream Sauce

While gnocchi is more of a comfort food (read: heavy, better suited to winter months), it is a great vehicle for the bounty of summer farmer’s markets. This ricotta version is insanely easy, very light, and perfect to toss with a mix of fresh summer veggies. Use the ricotta gnocchi recipe below to toss with […]

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