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Cucumber, Basil & Gin Cocktail – 2 ways

For those in Wisconsin, this summer has been pathetic. It’s already August and there have only been a handful of days that make you so hot, the only thing you wish you had was an ice-cold drink. Well, to make up for mother nature’s shortcomings, I’ve starting enjoying those ice-cold refreshers anyway. Here’s an easy […]

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The Perfect Hot Chocolate

It’s tradition for Todd and I to take this hot chocolate with us when we go to Candy Cane Lane just before Christmas every year. For those not in Milwaukee, Candy Cane Lane is a neighborhood that all decorates their houses and people drive through to look at the lights. This hot chocolate has gone […]


Cherry-Tarragon Lemonade Cooler

This summer I’ve been eating more cherries than ever before. While I was not a cherry lover growing up, I don’t recall having fresh ones. At one time I loved maraschino cherries more than anything in the world, but after eating nearly a whole jar at about 8 years old, the love affair was over. […]


Vacation Martini

My parents came to stay with us in Milwaukee because their flight to Mexico left very early in the morning. We were happy to have them for the night, but after they left I couldn’t help but wish I had just hopped a plane to somewhere tropical. The fresh fruit citrus juices are just like […]

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Sauvignon Blanc with Peaches

If you ask me – and you clearly did because you’re here – the perfect summer drink is cool, flavorful, and slightly fruity. A family favorite is a gorgeous New Zealand sauvignon blanc with ample slices of velvety peaches floating in it. If you really want to make it a Riccio classic, you will sit […]


Lemon Basil Martini

So, in this house, and the one I grew up in, we LOVE basil. When I found this recipe, I knew it was meant to be. Plus, it was the start of fall, and I had a planter full of basil waiting to be used. Unfortunately, mother nature didn’t get my memo, and freezing temperatures […]


Hot weather calls for iced tea

This is more of a tip than a recipe, however, I have fallen in love with iced tea. I was visiting my parents, well about a year ago now, and in the back of the cabinet (I have grocery shopped many times in my parents cupboards) and found a box of Passion Fruit Iced Tea […]


“You’re very neapolitan…”

…as my sister said during her first visit to my apartment in downtown Milwaukee. We all had a good laugh over that one, because she very obviously meant┬ácosmopolitan. It just so happens that during my visit home this weekend, we all enjoyed a cosmopolitan out on the deck. I would love to post those photos […]

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