A Tribute to Nonnie and Meat Grinders


I have had a craving for this egg salad, the only egg salad I will eat (ever), since Easter. I love this recipe beacuse Nonnie and I would make it on Sunday afternoon out of leftover dyed eggs and eat mass quantities on white bread. Yum.


I finally made Nonnie write the recipe down, apparently on April 20th, 2003. When she refers to the eggs being ground, it MUST be done in a meat grinder. This recipe is when I fell in love with meat grinders. Strange, yes – but oh so fun! I believe the grinder we used was my Great Grandma Kessie’s – Nonnie still won’t let me have it. So until she does, I will remember this recipe because it does not taste as good without the meat grinder. 

[My Nonnie is my grandma – she hates the ‘g’ word]

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