Everybody Burns Something, Sometime


It kind of makes you think of that commercial – but it’s true. I am starting to get the impression that people think I never make an error, so I thought it time to put that to end. Take this evening’s dinner for example.

First, there was not a lot of food in the house, so dinner was going to be a ham sandwich. So, what makes a ham sandwich better? Cheese. Only string cheese? No problem; that won’t stop me. What makes that ham and cheese sandwich better (beside mayo and mustard)? Grilled. And better yet? Panini-ed. No panini press? Big deal – I have a cast iron skillet to put on my sandwich. Well, here I am excited about my ham and cheese panini despite the pathetic state of our fridge, and then I burn the ever loving life out of it. Great. 

The moral of the story is not to get discouraged – half the fun of food is experimenting. All that burnt and smashed sanwich needed was a bread-ectemy. Yes, you read that correctly. I replaced the charred bread, and started over with the same stuffin’. And, it wasn’t half bad. Its wasn’t great, but not bad. That’s half of it – sometimes you learn how flavors, textures, and methods work by figuring out what doesn’t work.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. (and sometimes get Taco Bell when it still doesn’t work)

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