Sauvignon Blanc with Peaches

If you ask me – and you clearly did because you’re here – the perfect summer drink is cool, flavorful, and slightly fruity. A family favorite is a gorgeous New Zealand sauvignon blanc with ample slices of velvety peaches floating in it. If you really want to make it a Riccio classic, you will sit outside with a plate of triple cream brie cheese and crackers until the chill of night drives you inside . . . or you need to refill your glass. I can’t even decide whether my favorite thing is the peachy flavor that permiates the wine halfway through or eating the boozy peaches once the glass is empty – they’re both sublime. Anyway, rather than continuing to read my blathering, get a ripe peach and slice it up. Add several slices of peaches to a wine glass and top it with sauvignon blanc.

One more thing, though: you can only do this with sauvignon blanc and the ones from New Zealand are always good. My mom, sister, and I have tried it with other white wines and it was not delicious (at all).

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