Culling 6 years of Food Magazines

I have a love affair with food magazines – all food magazines. For the last six years, the magazine of choice has been Food & Wine. While I still love to see it in my mailbox every month and troll its pages for inspiration, lately I’ve had the gnawing sensation that I’ve seen it before. With that, and the reorganization of our office at home, it’s time to cull the best pages from six years of magazines. Truly, it’s bittersweet – I love seeing how far back they go, and I love how much room their absence makes. And, as my husband pointed out, I haven’t picked up an old edition in a long time.

So, Todd pulled them all out and I spent my Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, cooking shows on in the background, and a pair of scissors. Nearly two hours of flipping pages to save those  with turned-down corners, I felt the need to flip through the remaining pages to make sure I’m not inadvertently missing a gem. My worst fear is losing valuable information.

I have to admit that I feel a sense of satisfaction in reducing the volume to the best and most interesting. The next step is one of those accordion file folders to organize the pages into starters, soups, sauces, salads, and so on. The timing is a little funny, too. Five years ago I was getting ready to start law school – I regularly saved my favorite pages from the slew of magazines I devoured every month. Perhaps the rapidly approaching light at the end of the tunnel has inspired the return, or maybe it’s just a fall cleaning.

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