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I hope that you will be patient with me as my life is being turned upside down as we speak. Last Friday, I received my long awaited acceptance letter into Marquette University School of Law. Please keep in mind that I submitted my application in November of 2006, and have just received word; this has been a greater source of stress than you know. Additionally, for those of you recognizing the conflict between work and school, I will be attending Marquette’s part-time program and working full-time. (Yes, I realize this will be a challenge, however, feel free to look at the ridiculous cost of law school tuition.)

On Sunday, we found a home we were very interested in. By Monday night, Todd and I hadbought a house. I am very excited because it affords me many things. Those of you who know me well, already know the first thing I will do: get a puppy!

Please do not misunderstand; all of the things I have been pining after are now happening – work, law school, and a home – all within days of each other. After spending that past two years of my life in an excruciating holding pattern of uncertainties and monotony, I have suddenly been thrust into adulthood at lightening speeds. I have never been this excited before.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Papa!
P.P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, Samantha!

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