Gouda & Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken

This dish is so sinful, no one will believe that it’s not bad for you. I adapted this from a health food cookbook! It is really good served with some sauteed asparagus.


1½ lbs. Chicken breasts (3)
2 c. Buttermilk (use more if necessary to cover)
3 slices Prosciutto
3 slices Smoked Gouda cheese
1½ c. Italian breadcrumbs


Place a chicken breast between plastic wrap, and pound until about 1” thick. Using a boning knife, slice the breast in half lengthwise, leaving one long side together. Repeat with all chicken breasts. Place the chicken in a bowl, cover with buttermilk, and allow to marinade for 20-30 minutes.

Heat a large non-stick skillet with a little EVOO over medium heat. Place breadcrumbs on a plate; set aside. Working with one chicken breast at a time, remove from the bowl and lay a piece of cheese and prosciutto in the middle of each one. Making sure the breast is still coated in buttermilk, dip it in the breadcrumbs to coat. Place the chicken in the hot pan.

Once all of the breasts are golden brown on both sides, place the pan into the oven for 18 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through. Allow chicken to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Adapted from Healthy Cooking by William-Sonoma; recipe created on 3/9/09.


Note: I found the best prosciutto and smoked gouda cheese slices at Trader Joe’s.


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