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Monday night I had an overwhelming urge to make chocolate chip cookies. In order to clear my conscience of guilt, I decided that I am really doing myself a favor by cleaning out my cupboards so that I don’t have to move it all in a couple of weeks. Well, I think that most everyone […]

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Maccaroni & Cheese

What’s better than macaroni and cheese when you need a little decadent comfort food? What I love about this version is that it tastes rich but it isn’t – and its cheep to boot. As I have said many times before, I am on a budget, and as of last week it became a tourniquet. […]


Hot weather calls for iced tea

This is more of a tip than a recipe, however, I have fallen in love with iced tea. I was visiting my parents, well about a year ago now, and in the back of the cabinet (I have grocery shopped many times in my parents cupboards) and found a box of Passion Fruit Iced Tea […]


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I hope that you will be patient with me as my life is being turned upside down as we speak. Last Friday, I received my long awaited acceptance letter into Marquette University School of Law. Please keep in mind that I submitted my application in November of 2006, and have just received word; this has been a […]

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The Sauce of my Childhood

Meat sauce is one of those basic things you grow out of when your palate changes, and you eventually forget. I was in the grocery store on Sunday debating the amount of energy I had to make meatballs (due to an intense craving) when vague memories of meat sauce surfaced in my brain. It turns […]


Dining Week!

I have just found out that Downtown Dining Week will be starting soon here in Milwaukee. Many of the upper tier of restaurants are offering a 3 course dinner for $20.00, and lunch for $10.00! If you get a chance to come to Milwaukee, this would be a very fun time to do so. Additionally, any […]

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Lettuce Wraps

Please don’t be scared off by what I am about to tell you. Monday night I was bored and I wanted to make something I had never done before. I spent at least half an hour going through my cupboards/fridge in a sorry attempt to create something new. I began to digress and wash the […]


“You’re very neapolitan…”

…as my sister said during her first visit to my apartment in downtown Milwaukee. We all had a good laugh over that one, because she very obviously meant cosmopolitan. It just so happens that during my visit home this weekend, we all enjoyed a cosmopolitan out on the deck. I would love to post those photos […]

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