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Brined Chicken

Brining chicken before you grill it – especially on a charcoal grill – makes all the difference in the world. It makes so much of a difference that my 5 year old niece declared it the best chicken ever, and that she would eat it all herself. To her credit, she had thirds, and she […]

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Miso Chicken Marinade

I’ve been searching for an easy chicken marinade that will give me enough flavor that I can eat it alone, or with a simple side, like grilled vegetables. The missing link was white (or light) miso paste. Miso is a Japanese fermented soybean paste, that provides that often sought after fifth flavor – umami. It’s […]

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Chicken Korma

Korma describes a curry dish, often with dried fruit and nuts, that’s braised. I wouldn’t describe this dish as a curry through. The sauce is brothy and light. The flavors are reminiscent of curry, but unique to this dish. I can’t necessarily compare it to anything else, and based on my research, ‘korma’ is the […]

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The Perfect Sentiment

My little sister just sent an email to the editors of Glamour magazine that I had to share here. What’s the relevance? A  significant contributing factor to the development of my love of food. I just want to share my family’s story about a particular Glamour magazine article, and say thank you for many happy […]

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Chicken Two Ways

Lately I’ve been dissatisfied with the standard chicken breast – everything I had been trying didn’t impress me. I’d have a few bites, sure, but out of guilt for being wasteful. Of course I’m a leftover queen, but there’s only so many things you can do: chicken salad, chicken on a salad,  fajitas, paninis . […]

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Gouda & Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken

This dish is so sinful, no one will believe that it’s not bad for you. I adapted this from a health food cookbook! It is really good served with some sauteed asparagus. Ingredients: 1½ lbs. Chicken breasts (3) 2 c. Buttermilk (use more if necessary to cover) 3 slices Prosciutto 3 slices Smoked Gouda cheese […]

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