About Me

Leah T.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I love to cook, eat, and talk about food. I created this blog as a collection of foods that I love – so that one day I can do something with all of them – and, in the meantime, I can share them with others.

My cooking style is definitely more about methods rather than recipes – it’s the “teach a man to fish” principle. So, I will not be offended if you make changes or substitutions – make adjustments so that the result is what you love. Most of the recipes you will find here are a synthesis of several recipes. I love to research a dish so that I end up with the most authentic or flavorful results, depending on the meal.

You will notice that there is not much seafood here. While I appreciate it is a popular food, I am allergic to shrimp, lobster and crab. Before you take pity on me, I have always had a textural aversion to shellfish, particularly shrimp, and I don’t feel deprived. Luckily, I can still eat fish and everything else from the sea. I am learning more about how to cook with fish, mussels, clams, and I am loving it. For my readers who happily dine on shellfish and have suggestions or adaptations to any recipes you find here, I appreciate your comments in that regard for others to try.

If you’re now wondering what my credentials are for having a food blog (as it is now one of the most frequently asked questions), I am a food lover and geek. Both of my parents are accomplished home cooks, so I learned from them growing up and cooking is still the primary activity when we’re all home. After college, I worked as prep chef in a high-end steakhouse in Madison, Wisconsin during the day, and as a server at night. After 6 months and a kitchen accident involving my newly sharpened knife and my ring finger, I realized I prefer to cook my own food my way. So, I decided that I would become a lawyer who threw dinner parties, and I am a criminal defense attorney practicing all over Wisconsin, but primarily in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. Prior to beginning law school, however, I needed an outlet for my love of food and I was driving everyone a little nuts with incessant food chatter, and that is how this blog was born. It has morphed into a collection of recipes that chronicle my love of food. I hope you enjoy it!

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