Everybody Burns Something, Sometime

  It kind of makes you think of that commercial – but it’s true. I am starting to get the impression that people think I never make an error, so I thought it time to put that to end. Take this evening’s dinner for example. First, there was not a lot of food in the […]

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Ratatouille & Brie Sandwich

I am so excited because I just perfected the ratatouille sandwich from Toronto! As promised, here’s the recipe. This recipe is great because it is so multi-purpose. I made the ratatouille last night to have as a side with the most amazing ribs, which left most of ratatouille for these sandwiches the next day. Choose […]

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A Tribute to Nonnie and Meat Grinders

  I have had a craving for this egg salad, the only egg salad I will eat (ever), since Easter. I love this recipe beacuse Nonnie and I would make it on Sunday afternoon out of leftover dyed eggs and eat mass quantities on white bread. Yum.   I finally made Nonnie write the recipe […]

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