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Need an easy dinner based on things you already have on hand? If your pantry and fridge are stocked like mine, then this is your dish. These basics are always on hand – you could just as easily skip the feta if you didn’t have it, and it will be just as good. Promise. 3 Tbsp […]

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Morning Glory Muffins

As weekdays mornings are getting earlier and busier, we’re searching for healthy, high protien, and high fiber breakfast foods to take on the go. I love to grab a Greek yogurt when I can, but most mornings I don’t even have time for that. Enter these muffins benefiting from protien from the pecans, fiber and […]

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Banana Crumb Muffins

These muffins are sure to be a new favorite breakfast treat on the weekends – full of banana flavor, ultra moist, yet satisfyingly dense. This may even become the best banana bread recipe that you’re ever tried. What’s more, these are the perfect morning snack to travel with. I made these the night before a […]

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Millet Granola

I’ve always wanted to make my own granola, and for some reason it alluded me. You can find plenty of store-bought brands that are pretty good, but when I look at the ingredients I usually shudder at the fats used in the process. Certainly nuts are high in fat – good, delicious fat – and […]

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Monkey Bread

My Mom made money bread when I was in high school on Sunday mornings. My sister and I had never heard of it until one evening when we were making dinner. My Dad started to go on and on about “monkey bread” and how Mom used to make it all the time when they started […]

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