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Panang Thai Curry

There is a little Thai restaurant that my mom and used to go to for lunch in Madison (the name escapes me right now) and it had the BEST Thai curry. I have been searching for a comparable recipe for years, and I think I’ve found it. This simple dish brings all of the flavor […]


Looking forward to bad weather . . .

Since the weather here in Milwaukee is terrible – we’re talking 44 degrees, wind, and rain – I intend to stay inside all weekend cooking and reading; I hope to have a new batch of recipes ready for posting. We’re not that far into fall, and I have already exhausted my favorites, including Roasted Squash […]


The Best Vacation Ever

(Haiga Sophia, Istanbul) The best vacation ever was also the best honeymoon ever, which was preceded by the best wedding ever. (I may be biased.) Part of the best honeymoon ever was the cooking class during our stay in Istanbul, Turkey. The first thing people do is crinkle their face, and say, “Istanbul? What made […]


The Dinner Party

Mom’s birthday dinner party, which was a month ago today (yikes), turned out great – lots of friends, food, and even more wine. Above is the menu that my enormously talented sister,Samantha, created. It has become a tradition that every time there is company for dinner at our house (read as: on holidays and Mom’s […]

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