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Recipes as Comics

Over at my latest obsession’s website,, they have enlisted the brilliance of foodie comic artists to render some recipes. In their summer feature Recipe Comix, I found the Cool & Crispy Noodle Melange by Vanessa Davis to be hilarious and delicious. While I haven’t tried it yet*, I had to fill my readers in […]

Roasted Broccoli
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Roasted Broccoli

There are so many of us who need to eat more vegetables, and would if there were easier and more delicious ways to make them. My husband and I in fact eat a lot of vegetables; here’s one of our favorites.  Roasted Broccoli 2          Bunches Broccoli, cut into florets 1          shallot, medium, sliced 1 pint  […]

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The Best Potatoes

I’m not sure what to call these delicious nuggets of potato heaven, but they are so good I’m not sure they need a name. Any reference to “those potatoes you made that one time,” will automatically populate this recipe in my brain. It’s simple, really. Boil whole, unpeeled, fingerling potatoes in liberally salted water* until […]

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