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Marrakesh Market Chicken

Tonight I came home, and had run out of garlic and only had half an onion – far less than I needed for our planned meal. So instead I threw this together as I went, making something that tasted a lot like my mom’s chicken korma with a lot less fuss. The boys loved it […]

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Roasted Chicken Provençal

This chicken dish is simple and easy to make. But the best part is how it will blow your mind, and you’ll think about it for days. You could substitute white wine for the vermouth, but don’t if you have it. Also, there’s no such thing as too much garlic or too many shallots. 8 […]

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Brined Chicken

Brining chicken before you grill it – especially on a charcoal grill – makes all the difference in the world. It makes so much of a difference that my 5 year old niece declared it the best chicken ever, and that she would eat it all herself. To her credit, she had thirds, and she […]

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Miso Chicken Marinade

I’ve been searching for an easy chicken marinade that will give me enough flavor that I can eat it alone, or with a simple side, like grilled vegetables. The missing link was white (or light) miso paste. Miso is a Japanese fermented soybean paste, that provides that often sought after fifth flavor – umami. It’s […]

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Chicken Korma

Korma describes a curry dish, often with dried fruit and nuts, that’s braised. I wouldn’t describe this dish as a curry through. The sauce is brothy and light. The flavors are reminiscent of curry, but unique to this dish. I can’t necessarily compare it to anything else, and based on my research, ‘korma’ is the […]

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The Perfect Sentiment

My little sister just sent an email to the editors of Glamour magazine that I had to share here. What’s the relevance? A  significant contributing factor to the development of my love of food. I just want to share my family’s story about a particular Glamour magazine article, and say thank you for many happy […]

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Chicken Two Ways

Lately I’ve been dissatisfied with the standard chicken breast – everything I had been trying didn’t impress me. I’d have a few bites, sure, but out of guilt for being wasteful. Of course I’m a leftover queen, but there’s only so many things you can do: chicken salad, chicken on a salad,  fajitas, paninis . […]

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Capers and Anchovies

This recipe is adapted from the Thanksgiving issue of Food & Wine magazine – Chef Michael Symon did a special spread. When Todd saw this – being a Brussels sprouts fanatic – we went to the store to get the ingredients. As one who enjoys Brussles Sprouts, this recipe made me LOVE them. We did […]

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